Is the Bonusgate Corruption Scandal a Campaign Issue?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chicken Debate Ad

House Majority Leader Wouldn't Agree to Debate Until Learning of this Commercial Hazleton, PA- In Pennsylvania, the House Democratic Majority Leader, Todd Eachus, a fourteen year incumbent, refused to debate his opponent, Attorney Tarah Toohil, a 31 year old political newcomer and Republican. Tarah Toohil has repeatedly requested a debate since August 11, 2010. Until news broke of this debate commercial, Eachus was still in hiding. For example, he refused a debate to be held by the Times Leader and an issues forum to be hosted by the Standard Speaker, the area's two local newspapers. Tarah Toohil's camp contends that Eachus was avoiding a debate as he cannot answer questions due to his ties to an ongoing Federal Investigation and separate State Investigation "Bonusgate" in which he is embroiled.

See the Debate Commercial on YouTube: attached video of the Debate Commercial. Following this commercial, Eachus did agree to a debate, however, only in a closed door, pre-taped forum, excluding the public. Toohil replied, "I can't wait. It's about time." For more information go to or email



Anonymous said...

Ms Toohil: Why haven't you updated this blog or your website with the actual debate that you had with Eachus on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, at 9:30 AM on Channel 13 (SSPTV)? This is the debate that we've been waiting for and that you've demanded, yet you've failed to publicize it. For anyone interested in watching the actual debate, please visit: and scroll down the page.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Ian Foley, a GOP intern, is the "Toohil Chicken"? He's done a fine job of clucking things up!!! A fine moment in Wilkes University history!